Heavy Metal Education

Scrap University & ISRI Present: Heavy Metal Education Session

Join ScrapU in welcoming Jennifer Betts, Chris Costanza, Faizel Jaffer, and Brad Rudover where they’ll be discussing the importance of accurate metal identification, the financial impact it has on the business, and how Scrap University can help improve results. After the presentation Scrap Universities turning the lights down and the 80′ metal music up! This is the party you don’t want to miss. See details below to find out when and where. 

  • Heavy Metal Education Session 4-5pm, Mandalay Bay, Ballroom K
  • Scrap University reception 5-7pm, Mandalay Bay, Ballroom K

Be sure to check out our interactive Certified Scrap Metal Professional demo available at the ISRI Expo Services & sales booth, so you can try the program out for yourself!

Invest in your most valuable commodity.