Brad W. Rudover


With a lifetime of scrap experience, Brad is sharing everything he’s learned throughout his career from metal identification to Zorba analysis. His history was recently documented on A Scrap Life Podcast.

Jennifer Betts

Argus Media

With a decade and a half scrap experience, Jennifer has worked at steel mills, scrap yards and trading companies. At Argus Media, Jennifer is promoting knowledge through news, metals pricing and online tools for the ferrous and nonferrous worlds.

Chris Costanza II

Cronimet Corporation

Chris grew up at his family scrapyard in Louisiana and has been a student of the scrap business his entire career. Now as the GM at Cronimet Chris takes a hands on approach to ensure product quality meets the requirements of their consumers.

Craig Merritt

Rypac Metal Recycling

Craig has been operating his family business since 1977. What started as a secondary aluminum smelter has now become a full-service scrapyard in Surrey, BC, Canada.

Colby Whipple

HW Metals

Colby has served the scrap business his entire career by way of his family business. As a second generation business owner, Colby focuses on continuous improvement from machinery to training.

Terry McHale

West Coast Metal Recycling

As co-owner of West Coast Metal Recycling, Terry has served the scrap business for over 20 years at his location in Langley, BC. With a deep understanding of commercial and operations, Terry has a breadth of knowledge to share with Scrap University students.

Nick Snyder

United Metals Recycling

As an industry professional with over 11 years in the scrap business, Nick brings attention to detail as seen in his numerous Copper Reclaim videos.

Eric Zwilsky

Potomac Metals Incorporated / Potomac eCycle LLC

Eric has spent his whole life in the Metal Recycling and Electronic Recycling Industry. From buying scrap from Peddlers to now being the CEO of Potomac Metals Incorporated, he has a vast knowledge of metals and electronics recycling.

Craig Klapa

Detroit Scrap Consulting Services

Craig has a breadth of knowledge ranging from operations to sales along with a deep understanding of Non-Ferrous metals.

Faizel Jaffer

Western Pacific Trading & Recycling

Faizel has developed Western Pacific Trading & Recycling into a leading brokerage house specializing in transformer scrap.

Dan Becker

Becker Iron & Metal

Since re-entering the industry full time in October of 2001, Dan has learned the business from the ground up by serving almost every role within the company, from using a torch and running a crane to accounting activities and managing the physical operations.

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