EC Aluminum [Tall | Talon]

Description EC Aluminum is clean 1000 series aluminum. EC Wire [Talon] is typically produced by stripping the insulation from IAW or Aluminum Teck Cable. This material deserves a premium when sold on its own; however, as this is not a common grade, it can be mixed and shipped with New Aluminum [Tough/Taboo]. Upgrade potential EC […]

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Description Most scrap yards in today’s business environment will use some form of electronic operating system. Industry-specific software such as GreenSpark has helped transform the scrap business from pencil & paper to digital records.  With access to digital records, scrap yards have become much more efficient, which has led to improved customer service.

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What is Scrap Metal?

Description Scrap metal refers to end of life goods (consumer and/or industrial). Anything made of metal or containing metal is recyclable and should be taken to the nearest scrapyard.  Many metals can be recycled over and over again. Once the material is delivered to the scrapyard, it is sorted, processed, and shipped to be remelted. 

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