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Knowledge is and always has been the most valuable commodity. Finding accurate & transparent information in the scrap metal industry has long been a challenge. Until now. With over 200 years of accumulated knowledge, our faculty deliver practical lessons about ferrous and non-ferrous metals in an organized online course. This allows students to learn at their own pace without judgement from co-workers which creates the ideal learning environment.


Enlightenment and unification. We see a day when everyone in the industry has access to the information necessary to become a professional in their career. Providing employees with education and training produces a cascade of benefits to the employee, the employer, and the industry as a whole as detailed below.

  1. Training leads to confidence
  2. Confidence leads to happiness
  3. Happiness leads to better customer service
  4. Better customer services leads to happy customers
  5. Happy customers leads to more business
  6. More business leads to higher salaries
  7. Higher salaries leads to personal growth
  8. Personal growth leads to career opportunities
  9. Career opportunities retain talented employees

Scrap University – Training Impact Slide Deck


To provide a learning platform for anyone, anywhere to become an expert in the scrap metal industry.

Invest in your most valuable commodity.

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