What is the CSMP program?

The program is an online training ‘boot camp’ where individuals learn to identify and upgrade metals quickly. Once you have completed the program, you will receive a certificate and put CSMP after your name.

What is the price of the CSMP program?

CARI Member: $999 USD per employee

ISRI Member: $999 USD per employee

Non-Member: $1,349 USD per employee

What does “CSMP” stand for?

Certified Scrap Metal Professional

Who created the CSMP program?

Industry experts from North America that have been in the business for many years came together to collaborate and share their knowledge.

Who is the CSMP program meant for?

The program will benefit every person in an organization, from the buyer and laborer to management and ownership.

Will the future programs be discounted if I purchase the CSMP program?

All additional programs are independent of the CSMP Program.

What does the CSMP program consist of?

The program is made up of eight courses (modules) with a small quiz at the end. Once all the courses are complete, there is a 120 question final exam.

About how long does each course take?

Course lengths vary; however, each topic in a course has a run time of approximately 5 minutes. The entire program takes a little over 8 straight hours to complete.

Can I do the course is separate chunks of time?

Yes. We recommend you download the related document, watch the video, read the related text, and then spend some time in the yard so you can absorb what you’ve learned.

Is there a time limit to complete each course?

The program allows users to go at their own pace.

Will the other programs be available soon?

Excitingly we have just launched our SPANISH CSMP program and are busy working on additional programs. Stay tuned!

Do you have alumni or references I can speak with?

To date, we have had only positive feedback. While it is challenging to gather personalized references, we encourage you to check out our Testimonials page or our LinkedIn profile where users have posted their feedback.

Is the CSMP program available in other languages?

We have launched our SPANISH CSMP program. We will consider other languages in the future but let us know your suggestions.

How do I pay?

If you purchase through the website, you can pay directly via credit card. If you wish to pay by check, we can certainly issue an invoice.

What is your Privacy Policy?

Click HERE to access our Privacy Policy page.

Invest in your most valuable commodity.

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