Our History

Back in the early 1980’s Lonny Rudover opened a warehouse on 411 S. Fort Street in Detroit, Michigan that specialized in Non-Ferrous metals. It wasn’t long until his sons Eric & Brad would be put to work sorting brass & copper. Learning about the various scrap commodities was left to the individual since knowledge was used as leverage back then and continues to today.

A career in the scrap business wasn’t enough, so Brad went on to become the BC Chapter President of  CARI and the Secretary of the Pacific Northwest chapter of  ISRI. During his time in these roles he became friends with many others just as passionate about recycling. This led to career opportunities with the two market leaders in the scrap business in  Sims Metal Management &  Schnitzer Steel Industries. With a career devoted to learning & hard work, Brad parlayed this knowledge along with his long-time friend Faizel Jaffer to create Detroit Scrap.

The success of Detroit Scrap provided the means necessary to give back to the industry by creating a metal identification training course available to anyone with a computer and internet connection. We don’t want cost to be a barrier to learning and career advancement so please reach out to us if you need financial assistance.

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