Aluminum Radiators [Tally]

  • Description
    • Aluminum radiators are heat-exchangers found in cars and air conditioners. These radiators consist of only aluminum. All iron and plastic need to be removed.
    • Dirty aluminum radiators have the ends still attached; the dirty content should not exceed 15%. Also, no fan shrouds should be attached.
  • Upgrade potential
    • Removing the ends of dirty radiators will provide an upgrade.
  • ISRI definition 
    • Tally All Aluminum Radiators From Automobiles
      • Shall consist of clean aluminum radiators and/or condensers. Should be free of all other types of radiators. All contaminants including iron, plastic, and foam not to exceed 1% of weight. Any deviation to this specification, including oxidation and aluminum content, to be negotiated between buyer and seller.
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