Extrusion [Tutu]

  • Description
    • Extrusions typically arrive in the form of handrails and window frames. Extrusions will always have an angle shape due to the extrusion process and can be either 6063 or 6061 extrusions.  Depending on the source, there might be thermal break extrusion that has rubber/plastic down the center.  This material must be sorted before shipping as it will most certainly result in a claim or downgrade.
  • Upgrade potential
    • There will likely be unpainted 6063 or 6061 material that can easily be upgraded within a truckload of painted extrusion.
  • ISRI definition
    • Tutu Aluminum Extrusion Dealer Grade
      • Shall consist of old extruded aluminum of one alloy, typically alloy 6063, 6061, or 7075. Material must be free of iron, thermo break, saw chips, zinc corners, dirt, paper, cardboard, and other foreign contamination. Percentages of paint or other alloys to be agreed upon by buyer and seller.
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