CSMP Corporate License

$1,011.75 / Seat

  • Accelerate training process
  • Reduce grading errors
  • Manage your claims
  • Manage your users (watch management tool demo)
  • Enhance career paths
  • Surpass KPI goals
  • Maximize profitability

Materials Include:

  • Videos (both in the yard & classroom)
  • Images
  • Descriptive Text
  • Downloadable PDF documentation

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The scrap business has primarily been a ‘learned on the job’ industry. Thus, the training can be slow and lack continuity. Scrap University recognizes the need for proper metal sorting. Industry professionals developed our Certified Scrap Metal Professional (CSMP) Program to set the standard for learning everything about the scrap business. Upon completion of the program, you will earn a degree as a Certified Scrap Metal Professional (CSMP) and receive a diploma for your accomplishment. Add CSMP to your title and hang your diploma with pride because you’re now a recognized professional in the industry!