Dirty [Irony] Aluminum

Description Dirty Aluminum or Irony aluminum is aluminum that has ferrous or other contaminants still attached to it. This is a common item as most suppliers don’t want to spend time removing attachments.  Buying and selling this material is typically done on aluminum recovery, so an experienced person should be present.  It is very important

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Secondary vs Primary Aluminum

Description Processed and packaged Aluminum scrap is typically shipped to one of two types of consumers, either a secondary scrap aluminum consumer or a primary scrap aluminum consumer. Primary scrap aluminum consumers will pay a premium for specific segregated material that is identified by an analyzer or identified with stamps. Their specifications are very exact,

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Wheels (Car, Truck, Chrome)

Description Car and truck wheels with the ISRI term Troma are specifically aluminum grade wheels, but you will also find wheels blended with chrome or made of steel as well. Aside from the different sizes, car wheels being smaller than truck wheels, Troma has different aluminum grades. Car wheels are 356 aluminum, and truck wheels

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2205 Stainless

Description 2205 Stainless comes in a variety of forms, such as plate pipe or castings.  It can easily be mistaken for a ferrous product due to its magnetic pull.  Don’t be quick to judge magnetic stainless as 2205 has a similar composition to 304 (Chromium & Nickel) and 316 (molybdenum).  An analyzer should be used

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10/10 Aluminum Extrusion [Toto]

Description Like Tutu, 10/10 Aluminum Extrusion [Toto] consists of painted 6063 extrusions; however, it allows for some clean 6061 extrusions (max 10%) and painted 6061 (max 10%). This is one of the most common dealer packages as most dealers don’t see enough 6061 to segregate on its own. Upgrade potential 6061 typically receives a higher

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6061 Aluminum

Description 6061 Aluminum is one of the most common grades of aluminum due to its variety of industrial applications, such as pipe, plate, and structural beam. It’s worth noting that truck wheels are made of 6061 aluminum so putting together a load of truck wheels and plate and/or pipe is a common shipping method. Similar

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5052 Aluminum

Description 5052 Aluminum is typically found in plate form, and it will always have a stamp indicating this.  5052 will typically come from a machine shop that most likely works with other aluminum alloys. If the stamp is not visible, using a metal analyzer is really the only other option to confirm this grade.  5052

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8 Series of Aluminum

Description Aluminum can be divided into 8 series depending on the primary content of the alloying element. The two best methods to differentiate aluminum grades are to look for stamps, and the use of a handheld analyzer. 1000 Series Aluminum The 1000 Series Aluminum is the purest of all the aluminum as it has the

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