Ferrous material found in a metal scrap yard.


Description Scrap vehicles are end of life cars and trucks. While these vehicles are no longer street-worthy and aren’t worth salvaging, they are a worthwhile commodity in the scrap yard. Yards equipped to receive vehicles can be rewarded with approximately 2,400 pounds of steel and 300 pounds of aluminum per vehicle. Some scrap yards can

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Description Manganese is steel that has been hardened with 12-20% manganese added to the chemistry, making it one of the most resistant to wear and damage over any other metals. Crusher cones and plates, railroad frogs, grates & hammers are a few items considered manganese. Manganese can look similar to P&S and is classified as

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Description Busheling are pieces of metal cut from metal production, typically from industrial accounts. This material must be clean, new factory stamps or clippings, and may not be auto body material of any kind. Busheling is considered the highest grade of ferrous scrap due to its recovery and chemistry. Upgrade potential Uniform chemistry is essential

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Plate & Structural

Description Plate and structural steel mainly come from construction and demolitions; think of bridges, highrises, and commercial buildings. This material will often be in the form of an I-beam or plate over ½” thick.  P&S is one of the higher grades of steel due to its high recovery when melted. Upgrade potential Since this is

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