Insulated Wire

Harness Wire

Description Harness wire is found within the electrical system of vehicles.  It is easily identifiable as it is mostly wrapped with a black plastic conduit.  Harness wire will range in copper recovery between 40-50% depending on the number of attachments.  Upgrade potential Removing plastic attachments and conduit can bring this material into a #2 ICW, …

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Christmas Lights

Description Believe it or not, Xmas lights are a common scrap commodity.  Typically Xmas lights have a copper recovery of around 22%, so they are considered #3 ICW.  While they can be mixed with other ICW, it is better to keep them separate since they’re easily identifiable. Upgrade potential Different types of ICW can be …

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EC Aluminum [Tall | Talon]

Description EC Aluminum is clean 1000 series aluminum. EC Wire [Talon] is typically produced by stripping the insulation from IAW or Aluminum Teck Cable. This material deserves a premium when sold on its own; however, as this is not a common grade, it can be mixed and shipped with New Aluminum [Tough/Taboo]. Upgrade potential EC …

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URD Concentric

Description Underground Residential Distribution (URD) or Concentric is a common type of wire used by utility companies.  This wire is typically identifiable due to its black rubber insulation with a red stripe on the outside.  This wire has insulated aluminum wire on the inside, with copper strands or foil on the outside that is then …

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Teck Cable

Description Teck cable consists of several layers of insulation.  The inside contains strands of either IAW or ICW, and sometimes strands of EC wire or #1 Bright and Shiny [Barley].  These strands are then wrapped inside rubber insulation, and that insulation is then surrounded by aluminum or steel conduit coated with rubber insulation. Upgrade potential …

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