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Description Shelmo is produced when Electric motors are sent through the shredder, resulting in a copper winding without the outside steel case. Due to the loss of steel, the copper recovery increases, resulting in a higher price than electric motors. ISRI definition Shelmo Shredded Electric Motors (also called “shredder pickings” or “meatballs”) Shall consist of

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Sealed Units [Vader]

Description Sealed units are round, black pumps that have a copper winding inside similar to an electric motor.  They come from refrigerators and need to be completely drained of freon before shipping.  Some scrap yards don’t accept refrigerators for this reason. Upgrade potential The value in Sealed Units is the copper winding. If the case

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Ballasts [Darth]

Description Ballasts are black, rectangular boxes from the inside of fluorescent light fixtures. There are two types of ballasts, copper-bearing and electronic. It is very important to sort the two types as the electronic ballasts are significantly lower value.  ISRI definition Darth Ballasts (Fluorescent) Shall consist of whole and complete fluorescent light ballasts containing copper

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Description Transformers are a common scrap commodity as they often fail due to age or damage.  There are three types of coils (copper, copper/aluminum, and aluminum) that differ significantly in price, so it is crucial to inspect each coil.  It might be necessary to drill into each coil to ensure the metal type inside.  Silicon

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Description Starters are common copper bearing items from vehicles.  The primary commodity that is sought after when recycling Starters is copper. Starters come in two styles, aluminum nose and steel nose, so it is important to sort these as the aluminum nose has a higher value.  Upgrade potential Sorting between aluminum & steel nose starters

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Description Alternators are another common copper-bearing item from vehicles. They are identifiable due to the outside Cast Aluminum shell. Alternators are similar to aluminum nose starters in that they have an aluminum shell to them; however, they are of higher value due to their copper’s higher recovery. Upgrade potential To obtain the highest value, you

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Electric Motors [Elmo]

Description Electric motors are a standard item found in a scrapyard as they are used in various industrial applications and need to be replaced frequently.  The most common type is alternating current (AC) with a cast-iron shell with roughly 8-10% copper recovery.   Upgrade potential It is important to sort through electric motors as there are

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