Red Metal

Door Knobs

Description Door knobs fall into the category of dirty brass but should be kept separate as their recovery is significantly lower. Upgrade potential This material can be upgraded with hand tools; however, the labor cost usually outweighs the benefit, so this material is usually bought and sold as-is.

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Dirty [Irony] Brass

Description Dirty Brass or irony brass is brass that still has ferrous or other contaminants attached to it. Dirty Brass is bought & sold on a recovery basis so it is important to have an experienced person grade this material. Upgrade potential There are several upgrades within Dirty Brass when sorted & processed thoroughly.  Making

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#2 Copper Chops [Cobra]

Description #2 Copper Chops are produced by chopping or granulating #2 ICW.  The gauge is not as important as #1 Chops, and tin coating is acceptable. Upgrade potential This is the highest grade of #2 Copper so there really isn’t much to upgrade other than sorting the ICW prior to chopping. ISRI definition  Cobra #2

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Semi-Red Brass

Description Semi-Red Brass is typically cast into a shape.  An example of this material would be a water meter.  When cut with a shear, the inside of these pieces has almost a pink color. Upgrade potential Depending on the supply of this material, it might come mixed with other brass types such as Red Brass

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Gear Brass

Description Like Machinery Hard Brass [Engel], Gear Brass is usually identifiable since it will be in a gear shape.  While this material should be sold separately, it is common to mix in with Red Brass. Upgrade potential Keeping Gear Brass on its own will maximize the grade’s value; however, since it is not a common

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