Description Alucobond® is most often found in building applications. It is made up of a plastic-type material sandwiched between really thin aluminum sheets with tape or a sticker on top of that. It is not a very common item, but you will still come across it occasionally in the scrapyard, often mixed in with the

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Fragmented Aluminum [Twitch]

Description Twitch is very similar to Zorba in that it is made up of shredded aluminum; however, there are no other metal types. Upgrade potential As with all shredder items, the material can always be made purer with sorting devices. ISRI definition Twitch Floated Fragmented Aluminum Scrap (from Automobile Shredders) Derived from wet or dry

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Shredded Aluminum [Zorba]

Description Zorba is primarily composed of shredded aluminum with trace amounts of red metals.  The main variables that dictate the value of this material are metallic content (should be 95%+), the size of each piece (fraction size), and the amount of copper & brass (red metal).  Upgrade potential It is very important to take regular

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Dirty [Irony] Aluminum

Description Dirty Aluminum or Irony aluminum is aluminum that has ferrous or other contaminants still attached to it. This is a common item as most suppliers don’t want to spend time removing attachments.  Buying and selling this material is typically done on aluminum recovery, so an experienced person should be present.  It is very important

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